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multilingual patent translation

Patent Translation Service

Morningside has specialized in patent translation since 2000. As one of the world’s leading patent translation services, we prepare high-quality, patent attorney-reviewed translations for direct national filing, PCT national phase entry and EP validation. If you prefer to use your current agent for the actual filing, you can still partner with Morningside to obtain expert patent translations at fees that are significantly lower than the foreign associates’. Our translations are finalized by patent attorneys in the target country and are delivered ready for filing. We can even send them directly to your foreign associates.

Patent Translation Expertise

  • Morningside IP works exclusively with professionals who have demonstrated substantial patent translation experience.
  • Morningside’s quality management system is certified ISO 9001:2008
  • Translated patent applications are proofread and finalized by in-country patent attorneys practicing in the field of the invention.
  • We ensure that style, terminology and formatting requirements for the target country are in place, and we provide any necessary certifications.


Outside Counsel

Companies who use outside counsel can also benefit from Morningside’s patent translation service without making any internal changes. By instructing outside counsel to obtain translations from Morningside IP, many clients have dramatically lowered their foreign filing expenses without creating any additional work for their in-house patent departments. You may choose to instruct us directly or have your outside counsel instruct us on your behalf. Regardless of how you currently handle foreign prosecution, we can help you achieve greater efficiency and cost savings immediately.

Patent Documents We Translate

  • Applications
  • Office Actions
  • Prior Art
  • Abstracts
  • Claims Only
  • Drawings
  • Patent Litigation Documents