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EP Validation

Morningside IP is a global leader in EP validation services, providing a high-quality, cost-effective solution for validating granted European patents in all EPO member states. Morningside streamlines the EP validation process, reducing the administrative burden for our clients while also substantially reducing translation and agency costs. Morningside IP works exclusively with top-tier agents in each European country to provide expert translations and complete national validation requirements accurately and on time. With just one instruction, we can handle the entire EP validation process in multiple countries — allowing you and your outside counsel to focus on substantive work instead.

The Morningside Advantage:


  • More than 10 years of EP validation experience
  • Translations for validation completed by patent linguists and finalized by target-country patent attorneys
  • Validations performed via network of top-tier European agents
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified


  • Save 35-50% on translation and agency fees
  • Quotes are all-inclusive with upfront and transparent pricing
  • Reduces internal administrative costs


  • File in multiple countries with one set of instructions
  • Dedicated Morningside account manager serves as single point of communication
  • Quick, detailed quotes and fast response time to client inquiries


European Patent Services

Filing the European Patent

Partner with Morningside from the very beginning, utilizing our service to file your European patent application directly with the EPO or via the PCT regional route.

Obtaining Grant

Once the EPO issues its Notice of Intention to Grant—71(3) communication—Morningside will prepare the necessary claims translations into French and German, and pay the requisite fees to the EPO.

Validation of European Patent  – National Validation

Once the European patent has been granted, Morningside IP can validate your patent with a single instructions in multiple countries. Morningside IP takes care of the entire validation process: preparing the translations of the claims and/or specification according to each designated state’s requirements, instructing our European agents in the relevant countries and coordinating all paperwork and fee payments. Our experienced project managers and IP professionals oversee every step of the process ensuring that all national requirements are completed accurately and by deadline.

Patent Translations for EP Validation

If you prefer to use your current agent for the actual EP validation, you can still partner with Morningside to obtain substantial cost savings on the translations required for validating in your designated countries.

Case Study: Fortune 100 IT Client

The Context

A Fortune 100 information technology company was interested in optimizing costs and streamlining the validation of its patents throughout Europe. The client was validating over 250 patents per year via a European agent, and in addition to paying excessive translation and agency fees, the agent was often unable to meet last-minute filing deadlines and other special requests.

The Solution

The company approached Morningside and several other patent filing services. After careful vetting including sample patent translations, they found that Morningside’s responsiveness, translation quality, and cost structure made us the ideal choice. Another deciding factor was Morningside’s ability to fully accommodate various needs, including integrating its workflow with the client’s IP docketing system and satisfying legal formality procedures.

The Result

Morningside now manages all of the client’s European validations, and has successfully lowered costs by 40% compared to working with a European agent or other third-party providers. Morningside has been able to fully integrate its project management system with the client’s IP management software, allowing for a seamless workflow with the client’s worldwide offices. Recently, the client selected Morningside to handle their legal translation work firm-wide, a testimony to the success of the partnership and their overwhelming satisfaction with Morningside’s services.