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Direct National Filing - Paris Convention

Direct Filing Services – Paris Convention

Patent holders can choose to file directly with national or regional patent offices under the provisions of the Paris Convention, either as an alternative to or in combination with filing via the PCT process. Direct filing is the only option when filing to non-PCT countries like Argentina, Jordan, Paraguay, Taiwan, and Venezuela.

Direct filing gives applicants 12 months from the priority date to file their patent application. Each country has its own application procedures and requirements, which usually include translating the application into one of the country’s official languages.

Comprehensive Direct Filing Service

Morningside handles all aspects of your direct filing under the provisions of the Paris Convention, from preparing any necessary translations and instructing our foreign agents in the relevant countries to coordinating all paperwork and fee payments. Our comprehensive direct filing services is also convenient. Using our online portal, you can quickly and securely submit new requests, track your projects and review invoices. A dedicated account manager serves as your single point of communication.

Morningside’s experience in direct filing services means we are familiar with each country’s specific requirements as well as the requirements outlined in the Paris Convention in regard to patent filing and can seamlessly handle multiple direct filings with ease.

If you have questions about our direct filing services or would like a free quote, please contact us today.