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About Us

Morningside IP is the patent division of Morningside Translations, a recognized leader in patent translation and foreign patent filing since 2000.

Headquartered in New York City with offices in San Francisco and Hamburg, Morningside IP is a patent translation and foreign patent filing service that maintains a powerful global network of top-tier patent agents and experienced patent translators with expert knowledge of country-specific filing requirements, the European patent system and translation requirements for each jurisdiction.

Morningside IP handles PCT national stage filing for hundreds of patents per year in all 152 contracting states as well as EP Validation in all member states and direct national filing under the provisions of the Paris Convention. We also offer international patent search, patent valuation and patent litigation services to a broad range of corporations, patent law firms and universities.

Our superior quality, patent expertise, transparent pricing and easy-to-use portal sets us apart from our competitors and have helped establish Morningside IP as an industry leader.

Morningside IP provides patent translation services, PCT national phase entry and European patent validation as well as support and resources throughout the foreign patent filing process. As a patent search firm, we provide comprehensive search results for even the most complex foreign patents.

From filing patent applications to providing patent litigation expert witness services and patent valuation, Morningside IP provides a full suite of patent services. Browse through our services page for in-depth information on what we do. Or fill out our free quote form to get an all-inclusive estimate for your project. Or call or emailus right now.