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AC Translations is now Morningside IP

AC Translations, a leading patent & legal translation company since 1979, is now officially the UK division of Morningside IP.
Since it was founded in 1979, AC’s team of highly-skilled, in-house technical linguists has served clients across diverse industry sectors, ranging from legal to life sciences, and firmly established itself as a leading patent translation and technical translation provider in the UK. Morningside and AC Translations share expertise and a proven track record of successfully completing complex translation projects in such areas as Intellectual Property, Legal, Medical, and Life Sciences.
The UK division of Morningside will continue to provide the same exceptional quality and service, while also leveraging Morningside’s international presence and global patent filing capabilities to assist clients with PCT national stage entry, EP validation, and Paris Convention filing.
About Morningside IP:
For over 15 years, Morningside has been a global leader in foreign patent filing, a one-stop-shop for EP validation and PCT national phase entry in over 175 countries. With a single instruction, Morningside IP can handle the PCT national phase filing, EP validation, patent translation, patent searches, and more. We partner with Global 500 patent departments to streamline the patent translation & foreign filing process to significantly lower translation and agency fees while delivering the highest level of quality and service.