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Morningside IP is a recognized leader in international patent filing & patent support services. For over 10 years, Morningside has provided high-quality, cost-effective solutions for PCT national phase filing, EP validation, patent translation, patent searches, and more.

Morningside IP offers a one-stop-solution for patent translation and global patent filing, streamlining the process to significantly lower translation and agency fees while delivering the highest level of quality and service. With a single instruction, Morningside IP can handle the international patent filing and/or validation process in multiple countries via our network of foreign associates — allowing your patent department to focus on substantive work instead.

Working with top-tier foreign agents, Morningside files patents in 175 countries and jurisdictions and validates granted European patents in all EPO member states. With a global network of patent attorneys and patent translation experts familiar with each country’s filing rules, official language requirements and available extensions, Morningside IP is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive international patent filing services, as well as patent translations, international patent search & valuation, and patent litigation support services.

Find out why over 80 Fortune 500 companies and over half of IP Today’s top 20 patent firms rely on Morningside IP for their foreign patent filing and patent support needs.

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